• Peoples Choice Winner

  • Entertainer of the Year

  • Variety Entertainer of the Year

  • International Critic Choice Winner

  • Iron Chicken Award Winner
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  • "Teutonic Comic makes Foreigners laugh."

  • "Rivetingly Absurd."

  • "He amazed us!"

  • "One of the funniest guys I've ever seen on a ship."

  • "Hilby was the surprise standout."

  • "Hilby is wowing the crowds."

  • "A sure fire favorite."

  • "A sure fire favorite."

  • "Hilby is poetry in motion."

  • "Skinny German Juggle boy had the crowd in stitches."

  • "Hilby wows the crowd!"

  • "Hilby was worth the price of the cruise."

  • "Hilby takes control of the Crowd."

  • "Hilarious!"

  • "He worked spectators into hysterics."

  • "Jaw dropping juggling skills."

  • "Hilby's talents delight."

  • "OMFG, I don't think I laughed that much before."