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Skinny German Juggling Boy

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Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages! Please join us on November 3th, 11am, 1pm, and 3pm at the Kulp Auditorium, Ithaca High School, for a Celestial, Glittery, Swanky, Star Spangled, Circus Wunderbar! Even if you've seen it before you won't want to miss the 2013 Elementary School Fall Fundraiser, featuring Hilby, the Skinny German Juggle Boy! Hilby is a Fall Creek parent, but he was also the 2012 international Critics' Choice winner at the World Buskers Festival held in New Zealand and was recently reviewed in the Wall Street Journal!

The circus will perform three shows this year to accommodate as many people as possible, but buy your tickets early because we know from past experience it is quite likely that all three shows will sell out!

History: In 2006, David Moreland (a.k.a. Moreland the Magician), also a Fall Creek parent, generously donated his time, energy, and talent to create this fundraising event on behalf of the Fall Creek Elementary PTA. After the success of the first year, knowing how important fundraising is to the PTA, other schools were invited to participate in the event - they sell tickets and get of the proceeds of their ticket sales for their own school. In 2007, four schools participated; in 2008 and 2009, five schools participated; and starting in 2010, all eight schools were fundraising through this annual event!

While fundraising was (and continues to be) the motivator for the event, it has become so much more! It's about silliness, and fun, and about community. Families from every corner of Ithaca come together for a great cause - helping to raise money to support special programming and experiences for our kids. And, because we don't want anyone to miss out on this fabulous experience due to financial hardship, we have made over 400 scholarship tickets available, which may be obtained by request through each of the elementary schools.

About Circus Wunderbar:
Circus Wunderbar was created by Michael Hilbig (Hilby) and is performed with a host of characters, guest stars, and mystery guests. The circus is a departure from the Skinny German Juggle boy show, which you may have seen in years past.

"Join Hilby, aka, the Skinny German Juggle Boy, as he brings to you live, zany circus characters that will bring you thrills, joy, and laughter, and keep you on the edge of your seat! He will be joined by Janitor Jane, played by Sarah Blodgett, also the Van Floh flea circus performed by the naughty Monkeys, Grace Blodgett and Tivona Hilbig-Bokaer, and new to the show, Ring Master Lady Lederhosen played by Sarah Blodgett.

You will see amazing feats of strength by Vladi the Uplifting Weight Lifter, the South American ball spinning sensations of Alfonso Enrico Gonzalez, the lightning speed Las Vegas style juggling of Jerry Jim Johnson, the mysterious magic of the phenomenal Ali Gone, the beautiful talents of Mimo the Talking Mime from Paris, and the Mystery Guest who is so mysterious that his very existence has to be fully confirmed.

Come one, come all, see what a surprise this Circus Wunderbar will bring!"

All proceeds will benefit the elementary schools of Ithaca. Contact your own elementary school for information on how to directly benefit your school sales or visit www.hilby.net. If you want to support a particular school, make sure you buy your tickets at that school! If you're not connected with one school, a limited number of tickets are also available online at www.fallcreekpta.org/wunderbar.

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For more info please contact:

Deirdre Kurzweil
Event Coordinator

Sarah Blodgett