Hilby - Skinny German Juggling Boy
Skinny German Juggling Boy

NY Times!

Why Does He Do It?


Well, go see Hilby and figure it out! It's like anything you love to do: it keeps you from stopping and there is always a new place to go, a new challenge always awaiting you when you are ready for it.
Do I sound like a sensitive new age guy? Well I am and it's good to be out there being part of the whole design...

Here is what others had to say (without being threatened or paid!):


"Hilby is a hugely popular performer. He is the definition of professional."

Kim Hendrickson, Executive director, Halifax International Busker's Festival


"What a treat!"

Rick Mc Keel, Director of Marketing and Public Relations (The Virginia Hospitality and Travel Center)


"Hilby's stage presence brought the perfect magic to our production"

Sarah Jane Lithgow Bokaer, Diector Ithaca Shakespeare


"As always the show proved to be very popular with the 15,000 plus children and families we had on site. We received tons of compliments on your performance. I would recommend you to anyone that asked and I can't say thank you enough for the wonderful job you did."

Tracey Kell, program director Norfolk Festivent Ltd.


"Hilby's shows were consistently well received by young and old. Hilby's lovely personality and generosity enables me to recommend him to anyone considering booking a unique variety act."

Linda Konarski, Cruise Director T.S.S. Island Breeze


"It's not often that I come across a variety artist of his caliber and it was indeed a delight for me to see him..."

Emile Jean Trimble, Theatre Director, Busch Entertainment Corporation

"We were absolutely rapt with excitement. You had us on the edge of our seats and laughing at the same time. Thanks so much for sharing your talent and artistry with us."

Roe Thorpe, Performance Coordinator